The Lawless available now for iOS & Android

UK-based gaming company The Innocent Devils is pleased to announce the launch of their new game “The Lawless” which is available on iOS, Android and a free demo version is available on PC at .

The first person perspective game is set in the dark and violent world of the Old West and features a dramatic storyline, 3D graphics and touch screen friendly game play.


The action begins with the assassination of the elder brother in a family who is killed by four ruthless gang members. You then take on the role as the main character to avenge the brother’s death, by assassinating four Old West gang characters; John Folsom, James Quinn, Randy Jackson and Bill Steiner.

Before going into battle you must first pass a special training mode which teaches you how to use a gun with your index finger. Once you have passed the training mode you will then take on the task of assassinating the characters within the game in a variety of different shoot outs in bars, hotels and streets.

Lead developer, Jack Bromhead, comments “We have received a lot of positive comments from our early BETA test users. The Lawless has taken a year to complete and we are delighted that we can finally release the game”

For further information about “The Lawless”, please visit:

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