Dynasty Feud on the PlayStation 4

After premiering on Steam earlier this year, the fast-paced, competitive multiplayer brawler Dynasty Feud has arrived on the PlayStation 4. Time to get 2-4 players together for some frenetic team-based combat – either from the couch or online. Are you ready for one-hit kills, 40+ characters, and multiple fighting styles? You’d better be!

The Night Party DLC – introducing a colorful cast of characters who met at a midnight rave party – was recently released for the Steam version, and it’s included for free on PlayStation 4.

Created by Spanish developer Kaia Studios, Dynasty Feud portrays an endless feud between nine unique dynasties spanning multiple time periods, backgrounds, and fighting styles. Honor your dynasty by taking part in deadly battles alongside friends – or join in random online/offline matches of up to four players. From melee juggernauts to sneaky snipers – along with invisible ninjas and even a TNT-loving cactus – each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to use them in coordinated combat is the only way to stay alive.

“Like most gamers around my age, I treasure the days – and nights! – spent beating my friends in Super Smash Bros.,” says Eneko Egiluz, CEO and co-founder of Kaia Studios. “It inspired me to create Dynasty Feud, a lean-and-mean competitive brawler that takes the speed and lethality from the classics up to 11. I can’t wait to see what the PlayStation community does with our very colorful (and slightly insane) cast of characters!”

Key Features

  • Choose a dynasty and fight in fast-paced, all-out, one-hit-kill brawls!
  • Master 40+ characters across 9 unique dynasties.
  • Customize your very own dynasty in All-Star mode.
  • Fight in epic 2-4 player battles offline with friends or online with opponents worldwide.
  • Witness mass destruction as levels are left in ruin by hectic battles.
  • Get to know the crew of “The Night Party” – a special Halloween dynasty!