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Tribloos 3, Soundtrack is available

The soundtrack for Tribloos 3 is now available on Steam and Bandcamp. The Soundtrack to Tribloos 3 has been remixed and tidied up to suit album format.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1226930/Tribloos_3_Soundtrack/
BandCamp: https://andyyates.bandcamp.com/album/tribloos-3-ost

Featuring the now vocalized track “Build All The Way To The Moon” the album contains the 9 most prominent tunes from the game, remastered and ready to be listened to again and again.…

Wizard of Legend Piano Collections and Complete Soundtrack

Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to present WIZARD OF LEGEND (The Complete Soundtrack) and Piano Collections WIZARD OF LEGEND. Celebrating yesterday’s release of the Thundering Keep DLC, The Complete Soundtrack composed by Dale North includes all the music fans have come to know and love in addition to the previously unreleased Sky Palace DLC trailer music and the electrifying Thundering Keep stage theme and trailer.

Time’s End and Time’s End II by THEOPHANY

Materia Collective announced physical CD and vinyl editions of the Billboard-charting and fan-favorite Time’s End and Time’s End II by THEOPHANY. The albums, released over the course of the last seven years, take the dark and unsettling atmosphere of Majora’s Mask to new heights with stunning orchestral arrangements that continue to generate excitement among Zelda fans.

Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight, eighth album in series

Scarlet Moon Records released Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight. This eighth album in the Billboard-charting Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies series has been created alongside Yacht Club Games to bring GENTLE LOVE’s unique brand of jazzy lullabies for sleep, relaxation, and studying to one of the biggest videogame sensations of recent years.…

Mutazione, Alessandro Coronas’s soundtrack is available

Copenhagen-based developer Die Gute Fabrik and publisher Akupara Games announce the digital release of the original soundtrack for Mutazione, available now on Steam, Bandcamp and more. Composed and performed by Alessandro Coronas, the soundtrack contains 36 tracks spanning over four hours of music that accompanied the story of the developer’s wonderful world of mutated plants and wildlife.…

Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. IV, Annual Christmas Album

Scarlet Moon Records released the latest installment in their annual Christmas album series with Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. IV. The long-running series features game music composers arranging game music tracks in holiday fashion and holiday standards in their own signature styles. This year’s album features music from Celeste, Fallout 4, and Octopath Traveler alongside Christmas classics.

Hollow Knight Piano Collections album

Materia Collective and Team Cherry are pleased to announce the official Hollow Knight Piano Collections album featuring music by Christopher Larkin arranged by David Peacock and performed by Augustine Mayuga Gonzales. The renowned score to one of the most acclaimed indie titles of  recent years is the perfect source material for these intimate piano arrangements, and fans will be pleased to know the album is available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats with sheet music.…

Gears 5 soundtrack, available to pre-order on vinyl

Gear up, as Gears of War comes to vinyl for the first time ever. Laced Records has partnered with The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios to bring the magnificent Gears 5 soundtrack to vinyl.

Across 18 tracks, Game of Thrones and Iron Man composer Ramin Djawadi deftly blends a heavyweight Hollywood sound with impassioned melodies, bringing to life Kait’s journey across the icy wastes and dusty deserts of Gears 5.…

Parallelus, 20th anniversary tribute album to ‘Chrono Cross’

Materia Collective is thrilled to make available Paralellus, an incredible 20th anniversary tribute to Chrono Cross by arranger and orchestrator David Peacock. Featuring seven lush orchestral arrangements, Parallelus breathes new life into Yasunori Mitsuda’s timeless classic. Known for his arrangements and orchestrations on Hero of Time, Johto Legends, and the Undertale and Pokémon Red/Blue Piano Collections albums, Parallelus is one of his biggest undertakings to date with live strings, piano, woodwinds, banjo, and more.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak, Soundtrack available in music stores

Devsisters releases Cookie Run: OvenBreak Original Soundtrack, available on international online music stores.

The OST with 17 tracks is available for streaming and/or download on Apple Music(iTunes), Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, and Google Play, among many other platforms, and premieres the exclusive new songs ‘I Want You Every Day’ by JUDY and ‘Go For It!’…