Mechanic Escape, the impressive PC Steam platformer, invades iOS, TvOS, Android, and Android TV

Playdigious, the new mobile publishing company established by DotEmu’s founders, and Plug In Digital proudly announce the release of Mechanic Escape on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, OUYA, Android, and Android TV, as well as Razer Forge TV, Amazon Fire TV, and NVIDIA SHIELD.

With 200,000+ Steam downloads and great user/press feedback under its belt, Mechanic Escape has been meticulously tweaked by Playdigious for compatibility with mobile and TV devices.…

EP Games launches EP Sokoban Catzzles

The indie developer company EP Games has just launched EP Sokoban Catzzles, available now on the App store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and the video game consoles OUYA and PS Vita.

EP Sokoban Catzzles is a really entertaining game based on the Japanese Sokoban classic puzzle. Push the balls to the targets and train your brain while you have fun playing with this cute cat.…

4-Color Taxi



4-Color Taxi is a retro GameBoy styled game where you are a taxi driver trying to find passengers and bring them to their destination using their vague directions to find out where they want to be going!
This game started out as a game I made in 2 days for a Mini Ludum Dare.…

Dex RPG Launches on OUYA Early Access

Czech game development studio Dreadlocks has launched its open world 2D side-scrolling cyberpunk RPG Dex on Early Access for the OUYA console.

Dex, a side-scrolling, open-world cyberpunk RPG with a focus on exploration and non-linear gameplay, has launched today on the OUYA Store and is available for purchase to all OUYA owners for a pre-order price of $14.99…

DevilishGames launches their successful game “Furfur and Nublo” for OUYA console

According to their creators, “OUYA is the first totally open video game console” and it is intended for casual gamers who want to play affordable games on a large HDTV screen, enjoying an experience similar to large productions without the limitations of mobile platforms for a really low cost.

DevilishGames has always shown a sound interest for innovation in the casual and indie games market and with this in mind, they’ve developed a special OUYA version of their successful game Furfur and Nublo which previously launched as a sponsored game for web browsers and later had deluxe version for mobile devices.…

MouseCraft Squeaks onto OUYA

OUYA and Crunching Koalas today announced that MouseCraft, an A-to-B puzzle game of cat and mouse, is now available on OUYA. MouseCraft is what would happen if you put Tetris and Lemmings in a blender: part resource management, part geometric brain-teasing, all colorful and original puzzling. MouseCraft will be available on OUYA for $9.99,…

Say Cheese: MouseCraft Coming to OUYA November 20

OUYA and Crunching Koalas today announced that quirky puzzler MouseCraft is coming to OUYA, following successful launches on PC and Sony platforms. MouseCraft combines elements from the two grandfathers of the puzzle genre – the geometric puzzling of Tetris and the resource management mechanics of Lemmings – and brings them together to make something entirely new.…

Elliot Quest


Elliot Quest is an adventure/RPG where players explore the mysterious Urele island in search of an ancient demon. With 5 dungeons to conquer, 16 bosses to defeat, and countless treasures to discover, Elliot Quest is a spiritual successor to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.


After Elliot’s wife disappears, he falls sick and attempts to take his own life-only to discovers that he can’t die.…