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Brave Frontier, Samurai Champloo characters available

gumi Inc. announced the arrival of SAMURAI CHAMPLOO in BRAVE FRONTIER. From Nov 20th to Dec 11th, 2019, Summoners can look forward to summoning their favorite SAMURAI CHAMPLOO characters and collecting various rewards available during the collaboration.

Below, we have listed the highlights of what Summoners can expect from this collaboration:

Meet your favourite SAMURAI CHAMPLOO characters as they make a surprise entrance to the world of Grand Gaia to join Summoners in battle!…

Dragon Mania Legends, Five new dragons & Dragon Dice in latest update

Gameloft announced the massive new update to the long-running Dragon Mania Legends is now available. One of the largest updates ever launched for the beloved game, players uncover some exciting new features, beginning with five brand new and amazing dragons, a whole new board game-inspired mode called Dragon Dice, and most excitingly, the new and extremely powerful Ancient Element.…

Disney Princess Majestic Quest on iOS, Android & Windows Devices

Gameloft announced Disney Princess Majestic Quest is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Disney Princess Majestic Quest is an all-new match-3 game featuring Disney Princesses Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle as they strive to restore their Kingdoms in the wake of a magical storm. Players will help these beloved heroines to succeed and lead in new, original stories, with additional content, characters and Princesses to be introduced over time.…

Brave Frontier, series of in-game events this Autumn

gumi Inc announces the launch a series of in-game events this Autumn.

From August 28 to September 25, 2019, Summoners are in for a series of Autumn events all happening in Grand Gaia.

Here is what Summoners can look-out for:

Brave Autumn Festival 2019 Login Campaign (August 29 – September 25, 2019)
Log in daily during the Brave Autumn Festival 2019 and earn exceptional rewards:

  • Up to 9 Gems
  • Up to 3,300 Duilleagan Tokens
  • Elemental Golems
  • And many more!

Robo X: The Lost Energy, an exciting puzzle adventure, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Mobile game developer and publisher The Pixel Crushers announced the official release of Robo X: The Lost Energy, an exciting puzzle adventure now available on iOS®, Android™ and Windows® Phone. An unknown and mysterious villain has caused a citywide outage making robots go crazy and lose their minds, and only YOU can solve the problem by restoring back energy.…

Robo X – The Lost Energy available on mobile

Robo X is the sequel to our ~5K downloaded original RoBox. The game is simple to pick up and understand by all ages, yet challenging enough to remain fun and entertaining.

RoboX needs to save Robo City from a complete power blackout. Navigate through all 100 levels looking for the data clusters needed to restore the lost energy!…

HoloGrid: Monster Battle released on Microsoft’s HoloLens platform

Award-winning Independent game studio HappyGiant has launched its critically-acclaimed HoloGrid: Monster Battle  on Microsoft’s HoloLens platform. A tactical strategy game that combines elements of chess, board games, and collectible card games, HoloGrid: Monster Battle is now on five leading AR, VR and Mixed Reality platforms. The new digital-only HoloLens Mixed Reality version is available for download now on the Windows Store for $4.99 USD.…