Robo X: The Lost Energy, an exciting puzzle adventure, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Mobile game developer and publisher The Pixel Crushers announced the official release of Robo X: The Lost Energy, an exciting puzzle adventure now available on iOS®, Android™ and Windows® Phone. An unknown and mysterious villain has caused a citywide outage making robots go crazy and lose their minds, and only YOU can solve the problem by restoring back energy.

Robo X: The Lost Energy is a fun casual game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. You are tasked to solve 100 energizing levels by navigating on moving platforms and elevators with the objective of collecting enough data clusters that restore power to different sectors of the city. Choose from 20 amazing skins by collecting scattered memory cards lying about, move and position crates to unveil clusters, toggle switches, avoid rockets and wake up dormant enemies on your path to success. The Robo X store includes energy units and upgrades available for purchase.

Robo X: The Lost Energy is available on iOS, Android and on Windows Phone.