Philino Technologies launches Retro Style Game “Speed Rovers” on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8

Indie developer Philino Technologies (developed and maintained by a single dev – Saraf Talukder) launched their game Speed Rovers on iOS and Android after a massive success on Windows Phone and Windows 8. It was download overs a millions times on Windows Phone and Windows 8 store combined and featured more than 20 times on various windows phone stores globally. Seeing all these success I wanted to bring it to more users and finally published Speed Rovers on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Speed Rovers is a take on the classic pseudo-2D style retro racing games and mixed with the modern trend of unlimited running games. The game mechanics is very simple. The player rides along a narrow street across various cities and the goal is to dodge all the oncoming traffic and score high points and rise in the global Leaderboard.

The interesting part of this gameplay is that anyone can play this game anytime not matter whether you are in waiting in a queue, waiting for a friends at a coffee shop or simply wanting to kill you free time while that lady at the airport is yet to announce the boarding of your flight 🙂

This is not a new concept because previous games like “Temple Run”, “Flappy Bird”, “Jelly Jump”, “Temple Run 2” and last but not the least “Subway Surfers” have had similar game mechanics.

However what’s unique about this is the fact that you legs no longer hurt because you are no longer running on your feet. You enjoy the luxury of riding some high end bikes. What’s more cool is the beautiful landscapes that you get to choose from a set of five different cities to play the game. Initially only once character and once city will be unlocked, but you can collect coins during the game play to unlock more cities/characters to make your gameplay more fun. Optionally you can unlock using In-App purchase if you are too impatient like me to try that awesome city.

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