Valkyria Shooter, Running & Shooting RPG on Mobile

GamePple, a South Korean indie-game developer announced the global launch of their new casual running RPG, Valkyria Shooter.

Valkyria Shooter is a new run and gun shooting RPG developed by GamePple. Valkyria Shooter includes the concepts of the lore of Eda mythology, such as Valkyria, Freya, and Ragnarok, and tells the story of the Valkyrias and their search for the heart of the original Ymir to fight against powerful gods and monsters.…

Crab War, The butterflies – time to celebrate these unsung heroes

Everyone remembers the courageous Crabs and villainous Reptiles of Appxplore’s idle clicker Crab War, but don’t forget your friends supporting you from behind the scenes… the Butterflies! This Thanksgiving, it’s time to celebrate these unsung heroes of Crab War.

Butterflies flitter about all year round, diligently bringing our crustacean troops all sorts of boosts and resources to aid in battle.…

Golf King – World Tour, Brings Realistic & Competitive Pro Golf to Mobile

PNIX, Inc. announced the highly anticipated launch of Golf King – World Tour. The skill-based game, which features real-time 1v1 matches, realistic courses, customizable characters, intuitive shot control, and endless fun and challenges, is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

In Golf King – World Tour, players compete against rivals around the world in online pro golfing duels.…

NOX, an Escape Room inspired mobile game for Android & iOS

Mobile game publishing studio and developer, Everbyte, released NOX, an Escape Room inspired mobile game for Android & iOS.

It takes finesse and problem-solving skills to push, pull and rotate your way through the charming dollhouse-style mansion and uncover its darkest secrets.

Scary Good: Escape Game Designed in Dollhouse-Look 

NOX offers classic point & click brain-teasing puzzle fun in escape room-style.…