Sky: Children of the Light on iOS

thatgamecompany, the award-winning studio behind Journey (2013 Game of the Year) and the highly-acclaimed Flower, announced their next release, Sky: Children of the Light, is available on the App Store worldwide. It will also launch on tvOS and macOS, Android, PC and console formats in the near future. The iOS release can be downloaded here 

Sky: Children of the Light is an ever-expanding “social adventure” world that will continue to evolve with new characters, adventures and collectibles.…

It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile on Android & iOS

East Side Games launched It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile, a new free-to-play mobile game based on the Emmy®-nominated FXX comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The Vancouver-based studio developed It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile to task players to participate in escalating schemes of bizarre business operations to earn cash for Frank Reynolds, portrayed by Danny DeVito in the long-running TV series.…

First Summoner, Mobile Strategy RPG on iOS and Android

Mobile Strategy RPG “First Summoner”, developed by SkeinGlobe and serviced by LINE GAMES Corporation has been launched globally in 142 countries.

Now available on Google Play and App Store for download, First Summoner is a real-time strategy RPG built especially for one-handed play in a portrait orientation.

The game gives players full manual control over their hero and a deck of six cards, which can be assembled with various summon and spell cards.…

Healer’s Quest: Pocket Wand, Comedy RPG on iOS and Android

After a successful release on Steam last year (90% positive reviews), Healer’s Quest: Pocket Wand has been released on iOS and Android.

Healer’s Quest: Pocket Wand is a lighthearted Comedy RPG where you take on the role of the most underappreciated party member in any fantasy realm: the Healer. Joining a band of inept misfits – a bossy tank, a handsome archer, a depraved mage, and a raging barbarian – you must keep your party’s health topped up whilst simultaneously managing dwindling mana reserves.

Math Facts Mahjong, Educational game for learning math facts

Crave Creative announced the release of Math Facts Mahjong 1.0, their educational game for learning math facts for iOS and android devices.

In this educational and fun-to-play game, you remove all tiles from the board in pairs by selecting a math equation tile with a matching answer tile. Mastering Math Facts Mahjong will require math skills, strategy and a little luck.…

Galerider: Free to Fly on iPhone and iPad

Inspired by Sega’s Panzer Dragoon series, Galerider: Free to Fly invites players to take on massive flying beasts with homing projectiles while dodging incoming fire with epic barrel rolls. The Free to Fly edition includes the first two levels of the existing premium game for FREE.

Developed by Orion Arts, Galerider: Free to Fly allows players take flight as Bree, a “Galerider” in possession of a majestic Wind Drake.…

Astral Defense, tiny pixel art space shooter

A brand new Minnesota based Indie Game Studio, Pixel Pajama Studios, introduces their first title, ‘Astral Defense.’ Avoid all the laser you can in this procedurally generated galactic throwback.

Astral Defense is a tiny pixel art space shooter designed for mobile. Each wave randomly generated and endlessly scaling with difficulty. Collect power-ups and conserve special ammo for more troublesome Alien Vessels.…