Dizzy Fox: A Delightfully Simple Android Game from a AAA Game Developer

A remarkably easy to understand concept with a secret. Dizzy Fox is a fun for all ages experience with a simple goal: Bounce a ball as high as it will go. The secret lies within its addictively challenging learning curve, where all is not as it seems. It’s colorful dressing and calming music sets to balance the heart-racing experience that arises as multiple balls appear just as the first ball goes higher and higher.

Developed by Patrick Driggett, formerly the CEO of Inverted Axis Inc and Senior Producer on The Order: 1886, Dizzy Fox serves as the antithesis of AAA, Blockbuster games. Paying homage to games from the dawn of the Industry, it relies on smart queues, interactions and icons to provide the player with an experience in which they learn to play themselves. Its complexity is hidden in the nuances that those who wish to get higher scores will want to learn.

A family friendly game, Dizzy Fox serves as an easy to pick up distraction to bus rides, doctor’s office visits and waiting for brother or sister to finish Karate practice. Good games don’t have to be about complex rules and weapons, they can provide the backdrop to a daydream. Dizzy Fox will be releasing Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 on the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

Available In
English, Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

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