PURITY – a deceptively simple/challenging tile-based puzzle game for BB10 and Playbook

Carbide Software has recently released Purity, our most popular Windows Phone game, on BlackBerry 10 and Playbook.

Purity is a tile-based puzzle game where you must find a path through each level which allows you to absorb all of the energy tiles and reach the exit. Teleports, shields, connectors, and static tiles help you on your journey through levels of increasing difficulty. The atmospheric music and sound effects and retro-meets-psychedelic visuals combine to create a clean aesthetic, further enhancing the deceptively simple but challenging gameplay.

Features include:

60 brain-teasing levels, many with multiple solutions – discover more efficient paths to improve your times.
Tutorial teaches you the basics as they’re introduced.
Complete puzzle solutions in case you get stuck.
Easily rewind your progress if you make a wrong turn.
Free play mode for replaying unlocked levels.

BlackBerry Z10/Playbook Full Game ($1.99)
Also available for Windows Phone and Android (coming soon to Amazon App Store)

What people said about the Windows Phone version:
“Not just about speed but strategy…you’ve got to get ready to put your mind to work!” – Laura Foy, Channel9
“The first time I tried it I got sucked into playing it until I drained my battery.” – Mobility Digest
“This is an enduring design – it’s extremely simple to understand, yet challenging to master.” – Best WP7 Games

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