‘Puzzle Spopkling’ release on Google play

‘Puzzle Spopkling’ has simple rules and intuitive game-play. Game has 4 color blocks and destroys more than 3 same colored blocks. We also have continuous combos and lightnings. Lighting can destroy all blocks around it including locks. Above game rules combination will give users more speed-oriented block-destruction experiences.

Strategic positioning and fast fingers make Infinite combos and higher scores.
More combos make more higher scores and user’s hesitation makes “locks”, So don’t hesitate.

We emphasize our game control with ease and without complicated gestures..
Therefore simple touch with one hand would be good with game play.

Just one game play gets you understanding of our game, and you experience infinite-combos with speedy action.

Recently published on Google Play with free and ad-free versions and will be available on App-store soon.

homepage : http://www.spopkling.com
movie : http://youtu.be/gLbII4G61ko

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