iTapPirate gets Updated!

We want to share the latest update of iTapPirate!
We have heard all your suggestions and included them into the new update.

The campaign has been redesigned to allow playing in short or long bursts as you like more. It now has more than 30 challenges and lot of bonus levels.

There have been gameplay improvements all around: From better sword fighting mechanics to infinite ammo for some weapons.

ITapPirate will give you a challenge every time you play but will also adapt to your skills so that casual and hard core players could both enjoy the game!

Moreover, iTapPirate has turned into Freemium. Giving you the chance to download and try the game for free and only pay for additional levels if you enjoy the game. But even then if you are a skilled player, you can accomplish extra missions in order to get levels for free.

iTapPirate - Inter-Illusion

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