Sauce Digital release Pinball Kid for iOS

Pinball Kid, Sauce Digital’s latest free game, has been released into the App Store.

Remember the days of handheld plastic pinball toys? Then Pinball Kid is for you! Too young to know what we’re talking about? Then get Pinball Kid anyway, it’s awesome!

Pinball Kid is a free, universal and nostalgic iOS tribute to the toy pinball games of yesteryear. With retro styling and classic gameplay, it will keep you amused for hours.

There are 3 tables to play; Rocktopus, Zombeaver and Antdroid. Each will require a new approach.

The objective, like the game’s real world counterparts, is simple. Fire your ten balls up and away, then use your flippers to redirect them, in attempt to score as much as possible. Don’t forget to look out for the bonuses – they will get you an extra ball! The experts amongst you can also tilt the device to alter a ball’s trajectory, for maximum point scoring.

Whether or not you owned the real deal 25 years ago, or were even born, you can pit your wits against players across the world via the Game Center leaderboards.

Best of all, its free!

Game Features

Addicting gameplay
3 fab tables; Rocktopus, Zombeaver and Antdroid
Ace graphics
Wicked Audio
Game Center leaderboards

Pinball Kid - Sauce Digital Limited

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