Directional Gem Matching Puzzle Game for iPhone now FREE

Indie developer Mike Hince and founder of Codename.Co is announcing today that his “Directional Gem Matching” Game is now FREE to download on the AppStore in the hope to attract new players and fans.
Mike Hince has thought long and hard about “just making it free” for ages, he looked at the financial figures and the download rates and came to the decision that he would rather have brand new players of his game than the occasional paid download. He calls this his “AppStore Karma” and brings back the excitement of why he made the game in the first place.

As a designer, Mike has outsourced development and quickly became obsessed with the highs and lows of the business. He is often seen late at night checking his AppStore ranking and replying to fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Mike has no plans to increase the price of Directional and is due to release am update soon.

Directional 1.4 is currently in development which will see the game go Universal, it will also see improvements to the iPhone 5 version. The biggest update in 1.4 is the “One Swipe” mode which fans of Directional have been asking for since version 1.0. The “One Swipe” mode will speed up the way you play the timed modes and help your scores sky-rocket!

Directional 1.4 is penciled in for a January release.

With phases such as “Intelligent” “Brain Training” “Challenging” and “Addictive” popping up in reviews – Directional Gem Matching Game is the perfect way to spend the holidays.

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