Like an Avalanche: Snowboard Hero for iOS is now available for Free!

Right in time for the winter season, Fishlabs Entertainment has reduced the price of its two-time IMGA winner Snowboard Hero™ to US-$ 0.00. And we are not talking about a slimmed-down Lite-Version here, but rather can the complete winter sports spectacle for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now be downloaded on the App Store at zero cost.

In the course of the extensive career mode, the players have to prove his snowboarding skills in a total of 66 different challenges on eight unique tracks. In the role of one of six different characters with individual boards, outfits, skills and special moves, they will have to make use of the intuitive touch and tilt controls of their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in order to race down the steepest slopes and sharpest curves with breakneck speed. The faster they go and the more spectacular their stunts are, the more bonus points they will collect. And at the end of the race, these bonus points can be used to purchase better boards and power-ups as well as new tricks. In record chaser mode, on the other hand, speed is the key criterion when players from all over the world compete with each other for the top ranks in the online leaderboards of the Game Center.

Thanks to Snowboard Hero’s full support for Apple TV Airplay, the pursuit for the next track record can also be enjoyed on the big screen with 720p via Wi-Fi or in Full HD via HDMI. Furthermore, the free version of Fishlabs’ fun sports racer does also feature full iPhone 5 optimization and a new app icon.

• Six playable characters with six standard and four individual special tricks to unlock
• Eight tracks with multiple runs in three different settings: Piste, halfpipe and open alpine area
• Individual boards and outfits for each character
• Five disciplines: time trial, freestyle, slalom, race, gate-time bonus
• Eight combined disciplines, including speedrun-slalom and race-speedrun-freestyle
• Record Chaser with online leaderboards in Game Center
• Modifiable characteristics such as agility, speed, boost and jumps
• A total of 66 events
• Full support for retina display, as well as native support of the iPad’s 720p resolution
• Full support of AppleTV AirPlay: Race down the slope on your TV screen in 720p (Wi Fi) or Full HD (HDMI)
• Synchronization of save games via iCloud
• Full support of the 4“ Retina Display of the iPhone 5

Snowboard Hero - FISHLABS

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