Lord over the mobile gaming kingdom with Reign of Conquerors for iOS!

Minoraxis Inc., a leading mobile game development studio, is excited today to announce the launch of Reign of Conquerors onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this is a strategy-based online fantasy epic that needs to be experienced to be believed! Reign of Conquerors challenges players to build up and battle with a mighty army, amping up their minions’ skills and looks, and take them to conquer other players’ kingdoms! The fun doesn’t stop there, players can make alliances to consolidate their power and take over the world! Boasting convenient cloud saves, raid-based rewards, and open-ended online rampage fun, Reign of Conquerors is currently available for download on the App Store for free in the Games category.

Reign of Conquerors is a uniquely immersive and expansive strategy-based warfare experience in the mobile arena. Twin-tiered, conquerors aren’t simply challenged to build up a mighty army, they’ll need to construct a powerful defensively sound kingdom to keep online marauders at bay as well. The trick will prove to be doing it all efficiently because all players have to stay ahead of their competition to survive. Players can also expand their own kingdoms by eliminating the monsters lurking in surrounding lands, paving the way for colonization and tribute.

Once users have built up their kingdoms and armies up and running it’s time to set sights on the enemy – every other player in the Reign of Conquerors universe! Raid other kingdoms to gain power and climb up player rankings lists and – more importantly – take their resources to upgrade buildings, defenses, soldiers, and more! It’s a big world out there though, and if players want to control it all they’ll need allies. Luckily with Reign of Conquerors gamers can request and make alliances, and they’ll get extra in-game boosts for inviting their Facebook friends to play! With loads of side quests, constantly fresh multiplayer online gaming action, universally-synced saves across devices, and genre bending strategic fun, Reign of Conquerors is set to conquer your mobile gaming landscape!

Reign of Conquerors - Minoraxis, Inc.

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