Ant Raid Colonises Google Play

HeroCraft releases the award winning real time strategy arcade game Ant Raid for Android devices, licensed by Finnish studio Prank.

Featuring terrific presentation, Ant Raid is a unique blend of arcade action and casual real-time strategy. It fills your device with zany cartoon action! Jump into the hilarious story of an ant colony trying to survive swarms of fellow insects, mutated into mindless monsters!

While detailed environments and the awesome soundtrack create Ant Raid’s light-hearted atmosphere, intuitive touch controls helps you challenge your friends and the rest of the world in dynamic survival modes.

“With the original game attracting a Metascore of 90, there simply isn’t a better arcade-strategy game on mobile! We are happy to deliver it now on Android!” – said Alexey Sazonov, Sales and Marketing Director of HeroCraft.

You’ll know when you’ve been bitten by the Ant Raid bug!

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