Asda 2: Evolution coming to the Tahadi Games portal very soon!

Tahadi Games, a leading Arabic free to play online games publisher, is proud to announce the launch of the 3D anime style MMORPG “Asda 2: Evolution” in the MENA region in early 2013.

Asda 2 is the sequel of the popular MMORPG Asda Story developed by Korean developer MaxOn Soft that has united anime fans from all over the world since 2008. With an overhaul of the gameplay, the new Asda 2 will be more challenging and fun than ever before.

The feature list of Asda 2 seems endless. To start their adventure in the Asda Empire players will be able to create their unique character by choosing from 8 different classes, e.g. the damage dealing two-hand sword warrior, the crossbow archer or the healing mage, and over 90.000 face and hair combinations.

The gameplay supports everything a real MMORPG player could think of; rich PvE gameplay, intense PVP content with Faction War, Occupational War or kill-all Deathmatch mode, several hundreds of quests, crafting, guild creation, achievement system and last but not least adorable pets to accompany and support players throughout their adventure.

Everyone who would like to participate in the “Asda 2: Evolution” Closed Beta Test Mid-January 2013 should pre-register now for a guaranteed access to the game.To sign up for the CBT, register for your free Tahadi Games account at:

More information on “Asda 2: Evolution” will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. For regular updates on the game, players are invited to visit the official Asda 2 Facebook page for the MENA region at: and the Tahadi Games portal at:

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