Age of Games launches the New Official Website of Fantasy Kommander – Eukarion Wars.

Age of Games launches the New official website of Fantasy Kommander-Eukarion Wars.

Go to the New Official Website:

Short Description
Epic War, Hexagons, Turn-Based Strategy, Boardgame, Rpg, Miniatures, Dragons, Demons, Mystery, Heroes, Kaos, and Legendary Adventures… if you like these words you can’t miss Fantasy Kommander-Eukarion Wars!

The Game
Do you remember SSI (Strategic Simulation Inc.) and its great games?
If the answer is yes, you can’t miss this game because everything in it reminds of the incredible gaming experience that SSI created in its games. Great turn-based strategy and RPG games such as Panzer General, Fantasy General or Pool of Radiance inspired and guided us in the development of our project. However, with “Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars” we’ve tried to do better than our masters, adding depth to the gameplay, to the story and the setting for this genre.
If you’re not familiar with SSI, but you’re looking for a strategy game with an elaborated battle system, a deep storyline, and a huge setting, you probably don’t want to miss this game too.

Basically, “Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars” is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements, but it can also be defined as a “Fantasy Wargame” or an “Advanced Computer Boardgame”.

“Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars” is an operational-level game: units approximate squads, with most of them consisting of about one hundred soldiers, though some (e.g. heroes, dragons) represent single entities. Every unit is like a RPG character with its own characteristics and special abilities that you can increase as soon as they level up.

The gameplay is based on a traditional hex map, with a wide variety of terrains and units available.

The Battle System is very detailed and itakes into account several factors, including :

the strength ratio between the Attacker and Defender
the state of health and morale of the units
the terrain and many other factors
For all these reasons, and many other that you will discover in the game, maneuver your army accuratelycarefully, and keep in mind that taking the right decision at the right time in order to become a great Kommander you must be able to take the right decision at the right time.

The game features single player campaigns following an intricate plot (see “The Story”) as well as multiplayer battles with varying objectives and several game modes. In these multiplayer challenges, the player can decide to take part in quick battles using ready-to-fight armies, or battles preceded by a management phase where they have to strategically plan their army taking into account varying financial resources.

Main Features

Turn-based strategy/RPG game
An elaborated and detailed Battle System that considers the strength ratio between the Attacker and Defender, the state of health and morale of the units, the terrain and many other tactical factors;
A deep and involving Storyline set in a world inspired by the European Middle Age and enriched by the Fantasy narrative tradition;
4 Single Player Camapaigns with 25 Epic Battles, 3 Heroes, Powerful Enemy Generals, and multiple Side Quests;
Over 70 different Units to enroll, upgrade and unleash in Battle;
Every Unit is like a Rpg charater with many stats and abilities that you can manage and upgrade;
Incredible spells;
Hordes of Enemies;
Multiplayer Battles with different gameplay modes and objectives.
Hours and Hours of pure Strategy and Rpg fun!
The Multiplayer System
Players can engage in several types of 1-to-1 online challenges:
· Scenario
Relive heroic battles that made the History of the Eukarion continent. Each player has a fixed role in the battle: the units can be already placed and some very specific tasks have to be completed.
· Short campaign
Challenge your adversary in a sequence of consecutive maps.
· Skirmish
Select the map and place the units the way you want. Each map has a fixed group of units for each faction.
· Head Quarter
Both players start in the Head Quarter, with a fixed amount of money. They can then manage these resources to build and upgrade their own army to bring to battle.

The Story The plot develops during the single player campaigns, on and off the battlefields. There are 4 campaigns available, all connected by a common plot. Three of them take place in the great Empire of Adamantia, invaded by the forces of Kaos, and one in mysterious and unknown lands.

Players will play a Kommander at the beginning of their military careers, thrown into a titanic battle that is devastating the entire continent of Eukarion. Successive events, dialogues, and plot twists are carried on through the messages that Emperor Karl and the Great Council of Mages send to the young general who will have to find out, fighting hard battles, the final objective of the Abyss.

Players won’t be alone in facing this incredible war adventure. Three great Heroes of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, will follow and assist them in their trials, challenges, victories and defeats.

The game has been voiced in English by Tim and Robert and it’s been conceived to give emphasis to the characters, friends and foes, that players will face on their adventure.

The Setting
We put a lot of care in the development of the setting, using a huge fantasy version of Medieval Europe. Empires, kingdoms, history and aestetic on the map that you can see down here are the result of studies and researches aiming at a coherent fusion between reality and fantasy following the great tradition of European epic and fantasy literature. “Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars” shows how Medieval Europe could have been if Orcs, Magic, Dragons, and demons of the deep abyss were real.If you want to know more about the way the lead designer of FK:EW designed the history of the Eukarion Continent, have a look at this entry in our Dev Diary.

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