Mobile App developer, Empty Flask Games, brings back Cheat Codes in its new mobile game, Infinite Warrior Battle Mage, for IOS and Android. Available 1/08/15

Empty Flask Games, a North Carolina-based up and coming Mobile App Developer, announced today the launch of its second game in the Infinite Warrior series, Infinite Warrior Battle Mage. Mixing up Role Playing and Tower Defense genres, this exciting game breaks new ground for casual game-play with incredible graphics and a fulfilling gaming experience for newcomers and old-school gamers alike. Infinite Warrior Battle Mage features compelling, realistic and graphically-rich environments with intuitive and entertaining gameplay. Those, coupled with personalized skills customization make for endless re-playability.

Infinite Warrior Battle Mage prequels the events that occurred before the Empty Flask Games original smash hit, Infinite Warrior, which has had over one million downloads to date.

Infinite Warrior Battle Mage presents rich and detailed environments and characters – there are six beautifully rendered locations, over forty unique creatures with strengths and weaknesses to discover, more than twenty magic spells to arm your Mage, plus an endless amount of loot in the quest to reclaim the Freelands of the West. The game begins with one accessible battlefield, while five other locations wait to be unlocked by defeating the formidable army Captains. In addition, gameplay is greatly enhanced by intuitive and responsive controls. As the player commands its Mage from within a protective watchtower, he/she is awarded fantastic visual effects as the Mage unleashes its incredible spells on the army of invading forces.

NEW to Infinite Warrior, and rarely found in mobile games, is the ability for the player to input cheat codes to obtain content for free, instead of spending money with In-App purchases. Cheat codes can unlock locations, grant experience, and much more.

“Infinite Warrior Battle Mage’s proven and greatest strength lies once again in its simplicity and incredible visuals, going back to the roots of gaming.” Says Pierre Roux, CEO and Founder of Empty Flask Games.

“Our goal was to create a visual quality with Infinite Warrior Battle Mage that is reminiscent of the console game experience, but keeping its simplicity which makes for a fun, demanding, and engaging gameplay challenge, for all gamers. And, I am sure that many gamers will appreciate the challenge to find and implement cheat codes for content, instead of the need to buy In-App content.”

Infinite Warrior Battle Mage is now available on IOS and Android platforms and can be purchased at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

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