Fatleg Games brings HONEY RUN to mobile!

Fatleg are proud to announce the release of HONEY RUN for iOS and Android devices. Honey Run is a fun free to play game where bee management is the key to success.

Guide your bees to and from the hive as they make their collections of nectar and pollen. Avoid collisions with fellow bees and other flying insects. Earn pollen dollars to spend on bonuses such as slo-mo or bug bombs to help ensure a safe return to the hive.

Key features:

Cool new bonuses to unlock Suitable for all ages
Simple and easy to use controls Free to play
Unlimited number of levels

Protect your bees and flowers from the other visitors to your garden such as caterpillars, dragonflies and aphids which you’ll need to ‘squash’ by tapping the screen. You’ll need eyes everywhere and fast fingers as you progress through the levels. Bugs take more taps to remove and with more bees to manage everything soon becomes delightfully chaotic!

Honey Run is Fagleg’s fifth release and is a departure from their previous strategy games. “We feel it’s important to diversify our catalogue of games.” says Jonathan Dunn, CEO of Fatleg. “Honey Run has been a labour of love for all involved, and we think that shows in the game.”

Honey Run is free to play and available for download now on iOS, Android and Amazon.


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