Sword, Tap, Slay, Repeat in Epic Dragon Clicker by Wyrmbyte

You want magic swords? We have the most giant magic swords you could possibly stuff down your pants. Wyrmbyte just released the updated version of Epic Dragon Clicker for all mobile devices running on iOS, Android and Kindle. You want to kill some muthaf*ckin evil dragons, dude? In this game, you don’t even need to fight them. Just kill with a tap. Tap tap tap, kill kill kill!! It’s so fun it’s like you aren’t even playing a game! In fact, you earn gold even when you AREN’T playing the game.

Dragon Clicker has infinite EPIC levels of dragons in amazing 3D environments. These graphics are going to blow your mind, y’all. Unlock and upgrade over 35 badass weapons to become the most powerful dragon slayer of all time. Did we mention this game is FREE?

Got to wait somewhere? A super long flight? Tap and slay the whole way! Read epic back stories for each weapon and dragon, and chronoshift when you reach the final level, to restart the game more powerfully each time. Kill dragons, kill time, be awesome.

Learn more: http://www.epicdragonclicker.com/

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