Burning Blade – Legend Launching on iOS

Teebik Games is all set to take its online role-playing mobile game Burning Blade to iPhone and iPad. Burning Blade – Legend will be released this month on iOS App Store for single-player and multiplayer addictive 3D game experience.

Enter the fictional and fantasy world of Burning Blade, which is stretching towards the edge of destruction. The dark forces emerging from the deep world are taking it over by spreading chaos and demon creatures. At a position where good stands against the evil, players are invited to save the world from being thrashed.
Burning Blade – Legend carries an almost similar storyline and third-person ‘hack & slash’ gameplay as in Android version of the game. Yet, the iOS version comes with certain additions and improvements. The nametag ‘Legend’ comes from featured characters that are more realistic and are based on medieval legends. Enjoy the thrilling action-adventure gaming experience choosing from four medieval legendary protagonists with different career paths and unique skills. Characters are clearly distinguished even in the PVP mode, as the game allows character customization with a variety of items and wings.

The players will come across face cursed monsters and bosses in over a hundred challenging quests. Take on the Goddess War, Fel-Drake dragon attack and other bonus challenges to get unique items and currency points. Fight against the dark forces in single-player campaign mode and save the humanity from being destroyed, or prove your combat skills against other players in the multiplayer gameplay. The most significant addition in the upcoming version of Burning Blade is Pet Alliance. You can now accompany up to three pets with your character and boost your character’s attribute.

Just like the Android-based Burning Blade, the iOS version is all about learning new skills, buying weapons, collecting items and earning gold. However, the in-game currency exchange rate is now updated. The iOS version of Burning Blade – Legend provides high-quality 1080p 3D visuals and animations using the Unity 3D engine. As this is a cross-platform game engine, the new features and improvements will be synchronized with the Android version.

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