Endless Legend Lands Winning Scenario with September 18 Release Date

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and award-winning developer Amplitude Studios are delighted to reveal that the fantasy-strategy 4X game Endless Legend will officially leave the Early Access program and launch on Steam on September 18, 2014. The European boxed release for Endless Legend follows one day later, Friday September 19th and will include a beautiful-looking art book, showing the eight dynamic factions and amazing art style of Endless Legend.

In addition, Amplitude Studios announces the release of the Endless Legend official soundtrack, which is available for free on the leading online music store Bandcamp, starting today. A ‘making of’ video has been created and is streaming on the GameAudioFactory Channel here.

Endless Legend is designed to satisfy 4X gamers’ deep needs for complex, rich, and surprising strategy games. Endless Legend follows 2012’s seminal 4X space-strategy title, Endless Space, with huge advances in every facet – from military combat to diplomacy to stealth, travel, and colonization – all on the labyrinthine planet of Auriga. http://store.steampowered.com/app/289130/

About Endless Legend
Set in the same Endless universe, Amplitude Studios’ 4X fantasy-strategy offers players the chance to develop a dynamic civilization through seamless turn-based combat with the ability to pick one of eight beautifully crafted factions in either a single-player campaign or eight-person multiplayer competition. Strategy aficionados can thrust heroes into tactical battles while strategically exploiting the map terrain, develop technological and political power, and conquer the planet through diplomatic or military means.

Players will build their nations with up to eight factions and 16 minor factions through a single-player or multiplayer campaign using tactical, military, and political means on randomly generated, hexagonal worlds of varying altitudes with the ultimate goal of developing the most powerful civilization on the planet. With research capabilities of up to 100 technologies across four eras, gamers will encounter long harsh seasons as they struggle to achieve one of the up to eight potential victory scenarios. They’ll dig in to fight battles with a variety of powerful heroes and create a robust economy using Dust (money), food, industry, science, and more.

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