Award-winning devs release two new mobile titles to celebrate 2014 World Cup

•Motion Twin make double-whammy mobile debut with UpperCup Football and BraziBall
•Both games out now on Android in the Google Play Store
•iOS versions coming soon to the App Store
•Review copies available on request
Award-winning French studio Motion Twin today make their mobile debut as they launch two new titles, UpperCup Football and BraziBall, in celebration of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Mobile Twin, who’ve won repeated awards at Flash Game Festival and European Indie Game Days, are best known for browser games like DinoRPG, Mush and hyper-successful zombie game Die2nite. Now they’ve set their sights on mobile and have made their first move on the scene with a double-whammy of infectiously silly football fun.

‘World Cup fever has hit Motion Twin like a Zidane header,’ says Alex Dodds, partner at Motion Twin, ‘And we’re ready for the next generation of indie gaming with Motion Twin mobile games. You’ve been warned!’

What is UpperCup Football?

Google Play Store Link:

UpperCup Football is a frenetic one-touch football game that doesn’t even always have a football. Take control of one team and pitch them against the best football talent the world has to offer – you and eleven tiny men will travel from snow-capped Andes to the Moscow Kremlin and beyond as you kick, kick and, uh, kick harder towards your ultimate goal. That goal, of course, is being crowned World Cup 2014 champions, having beaten every other team you came up against into the mud.

Key features
•Levels on levels on levels – 100 levels in total, with the first 20 levels absolutely free and another 80 levels available in the full version
•International fixtures – a throng, yes, throng of weird and wonderful teams to decimate including beefeaters, wizards, Vikings and strange Europeans with traffic cones on their heads
•Full-time multi-ball – a variety of different balls means the rules are always changing. Watch out for rugby balls, bowling balls and the rather painful electroballs at different stages throughout the tournament
•Environmental hazards – just as the teams in Brazil will have to contend with hazards like extreme temperatures and altitude, UpperCup Football’s squad must battle leather pitches, landmines, quasars and goats
•Funny ha-ha – while some approach the World Cup (the biggest excuse for a party in four years) in Brazil (the samba capital of the world) with the solemnity of José Mourinho when he’s losing, UpperCup Football doesn’t. Hooray!
•Pele likes it – he’s not responding to our emails, but we’re pretty sure this is the kind of thing he loves

What is BraziBall?

Google Play Store Link:

BraziBall is an addictive Match 3 puzzler from award-winning studio Motion Twin. Connect chains of same-coloured footballs together to control the passing, shooting and scoring of your team on the football pitch. But take care: impulsive matching will lead to your players missing shooting opportunities and being tackled by their opponents.

Match the right colours consistently to allow your team to pass up the pitch, shoot a goal and celebrate with some handy samba dancers standing by. Make too many mistakes and your loyal fans will turn against you as you start conceding goals. Sound simple? It is to begin with, but only a master strategist can match his way into the World Cup final…

Key features
•Play at your own pace – classic Match 3 mechanics make dipping in and out of BraziBall easy – it’s perfect for half-time, arguments about who’s going to win and awkward penalty shoot-outs
•From qualifiers to the final – 75 unique, colourful levels stand between you and ultimate World Cup glory. The first 15 levels are absolutely free with another 60 levels available in the full version
•Squad selection – take any one of 16 teams from zeroes to heroes on your World Cup journey. Will you play as the Wild Wursts, the Blazing Tacos or perhaps the Ultimate Sambas? Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental
Change it up – cunning modifiers in every level mean you’ll have to bring different tactics to each game. Multipliers, wipe-outs and more keep you on your toes throughout the tournament

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