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From the Creators of the Ben10 mobile games and the Adventure Time mobile game comes Episode 4 of the Beloved “Mystery Castle” Mobile Gaming Series – The Mystical Pagoda.

Runestone Games announces the launch of Mystery Castle: Episode 4 – The Mystical Pagoda, which is now available for all Android devices and the Kindle Fire.

Mystery Castle is a puzzle adventure series that has been delighting players for over eight years, with the first game appearing on mobile phones around the world in 2005. Since then, five Mystery Castle games were released for mobile phones and black and white Amazon Kindle E-readers. The series has won awards and consistently achieved high ratings from both reviewers and fans.

In this latest installment, gamers can join the star of Mystery Castle, Monty the wizard, on yet another adventure as he explores an ornate pagoda which is being shattered to its core by lava and ice. A nasty Monster Baron at the center of the pagoda is responsible for all the havoc and destruction, and Monty has to stop him!

Jonathan Fisher, the Technical and Creative Director behind the look and feel of the game, says this chapter of their epic series has now truly evolved into what it was always intended to be. “We always have a great deal of fun designing the Mystery Castle stages,” explains Fisher, “which is why we have accumulated so many over the years! Finally, we have a platform on which we can showcase the game as intended, with crisp high-resolution graphics, rather than the small mobile phones from the past.”

Throughout the Mystery Castle series, Monty travels between castles in a rich and detailed world rendered in glorious high-resolution. In each stand-alone episode, Monty will explore a new and different castle. Each castle will have unique features to keep the game fresh and exciting and give the player new challenges to overcome. Beginning with the Fortress Underground, and then onto the Frozen Citadel, Enchanted Tower and now the Mystical Pagoda, each castle will contain new features and give Monty new abilities, providing a variety of puzzles and gameplay.

In the Mystical Pagoda, Monty has the ability to possess golems and ghosts, controlling them to do his bidding as he battles his way through the crumbling castle. Gamers will be able to walk safely on lava as a Fire Golem or fly through the air as a ghost. At last, you can use the monsters to your advantage!

Can you figure out all the puzzles and vanquish the Monster Baron before the pagoda crumbles to smithereens? Mystery Castle: The Mystical Pagoda is suitable for players with sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers, puzzles and adventure.

•Awesome graphics for both small smart-phone screens and large tablet screens.
•Designed both for new players and those that have played through other episodes.
•36 stages of excitement and awe.
•Hint system to assist players.
•Humorous dialogue.
•Features 16 bonus stages from episodes 1,2,3 and 5.

On Google Play And On the Amazon Store

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