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SuperSaga Studios, Inc., announces the release of a major update to Heroes & Havoc, its flagship mobile Role-Playing Game. Founded by a team of veteran game developers, and led by CEO and award-winning game designer Andrew Leker, SuperSaga is set on transforming the mobile RPG market with its engaging battles and rich hero progression. Heroes & Havoc is published by DeNA under the Mobage platform, and delivers explosive, strategic gameplay that advances the genre to a new level.

Players take on the role of an angel who has been punished for giving magic to mortals and must raise an army of heroes and build kingdoms throughout the world of Havoc. Battles are quick and dramatic, with players choosing their heroes and calling the shots. Players experience the fantasy setting through the telling of each hero’s Tale, Legend, and Saga – a creative blend of narrative and battle that radically improves engagement. Upgrades take place on the Ascension Pyramid, where players forge each hero’s destiny.

“The profitability of mobile RPGs is no secret, but we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface,” says Leker. “Our unique battle system is simple and elegant, but it incorporates spells and abilities to create entirely new emergent gameplay. The deep bond that the player builds with their heroes is further amplified by robust narrative and a hero-specific upgrade system. At SuperSaga, we’re creating a richer experience while maintaining an accessible feel.”

“This is indie spirit at its best, but with the advantage of a seasoned development team. We took the time to make the game we had always dreamed of,” says Leker. “We also have an outstanding relationship with our publisher, DeNA, a global leader in the mobile space. Their Mobage network was the last piece in the puzzle. We see tremendous potential with the current iOS launch, soon to be followed by the Android version.”

The SuperSaga team has worked on such AAA titles as the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, Kaijudo Online, as well as the franchises Magic: The Gathering, Command and Conquer, The Sims, and NFL Football. Collectively, these experts have dozens of years of experience and more than a hundred shipped titles under their belts.

The Studio has raised investment to cover the cost of this major release, with additional Angel funding likely through 2013.

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