Indie favourite Thomas Was Alone to get PlayStation® Release as Bossa Studios partners with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Curve Studios

Thomas was alone. Or so he thought. But following a rapturous reception on PC and Mac, Indie Developer and former Bossa Studios lead designer Mike Bithell today announced the release of “Thomas Was Alone” on PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) in spring 2013, in a deal that sees Bossa Studios partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and Curve Studios.

Thomas Was Alone is a study in simplicity. A 2D platform-puzzle game that quickly engages and engrosses the player with its charming storyline and art style.

Created by Mike Bithell, voiced by Danny Wallace and with a rousing score by David Housden, Thomas Was Alone launched for PC and Mac in the summer of 2012 to critical acclaim and has built a strong following for the brand and developer Bithell amongst the indie gamer and development community. Following strong sales on Steam, the logical step was for Bithell and Bossa Studios to partner with SCEE in a deal that sees Curve Studios coding the new versions.

Thomas Was Alone will release on PS3 and PS Vita in spring 2013. The game will include a new Director’s commentary and there will be DLC.

Commenting on the partnership, SCEE’s Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad said “We are delighted to be welcoming Thomas onto our platforms and it has been a huge pleasure to work with such talented developers to bring this unique and charming story to our users. To have such an original indie title available on both PS3 and PS Vita is fantastic, it’s a game with wit and personality and we are sure its arrival on PlayStation platforms will be met with real enthusiasm by our users.”
Curve Studio’s Jason Perkins added: “It’s been very exciting to work with Mike on this project. Thomas is a totally unique game and we’re delighted to be the ones to bring it to a console audience.”

Mike Bithell added, “I am incredibly proud to see Thomas getting a mainstream console release and the guys at Curve Studios are doing an awesome job making this version special. Thomas took over my life for the last two years so it’s great to see it reaching an even wider audience”.

Praise for Thomas Was Alone:

“It proves that you don’t need tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of staff to make a game story worth telling, just a good hook, an engaging vision, and a whole lot of heart.” Destructoid 9 out of 10

“Engaging, funny and fresh, not to mention stuffed to the brim with personality!”
Games Master 8 out of 10

“The understated aesthetic design and unusual co-op puzzles will absorb you for the game’s duration – the wit and personality of the writing, though, will stay with you for much longer.” IGN 8 out of 10

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