New Truckin Aussie Developed Mobile Game Space Truckers Hits Mobile App Stores

Indie developer SitRep Games, has just released their newest title: Space Truckers for Android and iOS devices.

Space Truckers combines reflex-based gameplay with space trading, where players must test their skills as an outerspace courier service.

Truckers, the unsung heroes of our community. mused Game Designer Boon Yeo thoughtfully as he gazed up at the stars.

We wanted to pay tribute to their hard work but realised we needed to do more than have their exploits told within the confines of our current technology. Space Truckers allows players to experience what it may be like in the future where planets rely on these specialists to sustain their everyday lives.

Playing as a space trucker, players must navigate around the gravity of celestial bodies to deliver valuable booty, while also trading their riches with other planets to become the grandest trading trucky magnate in the galaxy!

Space Truckers is available for Android devices and iPhone iPad. The full version of the game is currently available on Google Play and iTunes for $2.00, which includes all 40+ levels.

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