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Vapps Mobile Releases New Game, Archery Hit, on the Apple App Store

Malaysian mobile games studio Vapps Mobile is excited to announce the release of its second free-to-play title, Archery Hit for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Be it alone or in online competition, players transform their iOS devices into a virtual bow as they attempt to knock apples from the head of a fearless volunteer in this game of accuracy and precision.
In Archery Hit, players walk the path of an archery legend as they try pierce up to five apples teetering atop the head and outstretched arms of a medieval friend. Like a digital William Tell for the modern age, gamers use the iOS touchscreen to draw and aim their bow as they fire a limited supply of arrows downrange at ever increasing distances of up to 60 meters away!

Once confident in their skills, gamers can hop online and compete with other would-be archers from around the world in five round, head-to-head competitions via Game Center. The high score wins, but games are not without a bit of danger.
Remember that each apple sits atop a human volunteer, and without careful aim, arrows could be striking him instead of their intended target. Archery Hit features realistic reactions based on where this brave individual is struck, but should players not be careful enough, a truly bad shot could kill him, resulting in instant failure. Do not worry though! He’ll be back in the next game, and should players find themselves stuck, the more they play, the more coins they can earn to buy new power ups that will help them on their way to becoming an archery legend.

Archery Hit Free - Vapps Mobile Developer

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