PageNet Releases The Night Flier: Seasons for Android and iOS devices

PageNet announced that The Night Flier: Seasons game is now available for Android and iOS devices. The Night Flier: Seasons is an adventure arcade game where player navigates a bat to conquer the night sky.

Levels in the game are dedicated to seasons of the year and holidays. The travel starts with the Christmas season. A brave little bat begins his journey in winter, surrounded by frost and snow. Hungry cats hide in the attics, heavy bricks whistle in the air, stray planes pop out from clouds right in front of the flier! But all the danger is nothing compared to the treasures, glowing in the moonlight. Coins, gems, Christmas presents, even a Christmas tree – go and get them!

“Every year you feel Christmas spirit since the first snow falls to the ground. You wait for shining decorations, for the sound of Christmas carols, for people laughing just because of great mood. We try to embody the atmosphere of expectation and holiday in our game”, said Sergey Shpital, CEO of PageNet. There are two available locations at the moment, each location contains ten unique levels. You can dress your bat in a variety of skins and masks – from a football helmet to the Santa Claus hat. There is everything for the travel to be exciting and merry: potions, magnets and even rockets!

“New seasons and new holidays keep coming, so we are going to stay in touch with the calendar”, said Sergey.

Pricing and Availability:

The Night Flier: Seasons is now available for free world-wide

Language Support:

English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

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The Night Flier: Seasons - PageNet

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