Famous quotes turn into a trivia adventure w/ Mark My Words for Android!

Flipped Horizons and Game’s UP, the emerging mobile game developers, are excited to announce the recent launch of Mark My Words onto Google Play. Compatible with all Android devices running on Android 2.2 or higher, this wickedly entertaining trivia game puts players head to head with famous quotes, challenging them to figure out who said them! Eloquently simple yet uncommonly addicting and engaging, Mark My Words is a multiple choice guessing game. Players are shown well known phrases & tasked with picking who said them from a list of possible names. Boasting mentally engaging fun, Mark My Words is currently available for download on Google Play for $2.99 in the Brain & Puzzle category. A free version of the app with limited features is available for free in this same category as well.

All the best trivia games are straightforward and built from the ground up to be nothing if not fun. Here’s how the game works: players start a new game, getting one hundred and twenty points for every question they get right and no points they get wrong. Get three questions wrong and its game over so its up to the player to keep on trucking, picking the right speaker for each quote they come across, and get the highest score possible! Gamers are going to need their thinking cap, keep their wits, and pick out who’s the right answer for every quote if they want to get truly epic scores!

Mark My Words is a fully well rounded gaming experience. The game features over eight hundred unique brain busting quotes to challenge players and an easy intuitive user interface to ensure all the trivia action stays swift, fun, and engaging! Structured as a multiple choice challenge with four possible speakers available to choose from for each quote, Mark My Words also feature eye popping graphic flair. The game is designed with a vividly sophisticated, intricately drafted backdrop and overall look that harkens back to the golden age of Gothic style. There’s nothing more fun than getting caught up in a trivia based distraction during down time, and there’s no better solution to do just that than with Mark My Words on Google Play!

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