Warlock Studio Brings Space War to Android with its New ‘Shoot’em All’Game

Warlock Studio has released its new game for Android – Gunner: Free Space Defender. This is a simple yet highly addictive first-person ‘shoot’em all’Game game taking place in open space. The player faces hordes of smart and aggressive enemies and must withstand their attacks as long as possible.

Games based on simple mechanics, but offering much possibilities and in-depth gameplay, are usually the ones mobile device users admire most.
Gunner: Free Space Defender, a new first-person shooter recently released by Warlock Studio on the Android platform is certainly one such game. The gameґs process, ingenuous from the first glance, ends up with plenty of fun devouring all available spare time a user may have had and a bit more. A perfect time-killer, the game is built on a traditional ґshootґem allґ principle. A player controls a turret and fires bursts of plasma bolts to upcoming enemies in attempt to protect crucial objects and stay alive as long as possible.

Despite its simplicity, Gunner has much to offer to attract any gamer. Three difficulty levels challenge both newbie and experienced players, while 12 types of main weapons and 6 types of secondary ones reveal enough space for war tactics, and are simply vital to successfully struggle through all 64 levels of two gaming modes – Campaign and Survival.

The game controls include an on-screen joystick and a G-sensor, so selecting the most convenient way to drive the turret is easy. Smart and varied enemies, realistic weapon controls (including overheating) and stunning graphics undoubtedly keep the userґs interest in the game for many happy hours.

Pricing and availability
Gunner: Free Space Defender is available for compatible devices with Android
2.2 or higher. The cost of the game is $1.99.

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