10tons’ Humorous Slapstick Action Game ‘Tennis in the Face’ Now Available for iOS

Tennis in the Face, the latest game by the Finnish developer 10tons, is now available on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. The bouncer type game combines arcade action, light puzzle elements and ragdoll characters into a hilarious casual entertainment experience.

”Tennis in the Face is about mastering the tennis ball and then enjoying the chain of events you set in motion. People seem to love the overall gameplay and the hilarious situations that occur practically during every play session. Describing these amusing situations with words is hard but imagining an interactive slapstick comedy is a good start.”, enthused Sampo Töyssy, Vice CEO of 10tons Ltd.

In Tennis in the Face, the player assumes the role of Pete Pagassi, a has-been tennis star with a career ruined by an out of control addiction to energy drink Explodz. Just released from rehab, Pete Pagassi swears vengeance on Explodz. Taking down the evil beverage corporation turns out to be his greatest challenge yet: The city is full of Explodz addicted goons including clowns, corrupt riot police, shady consultants, and even trendy city folk gone a bit mad.

Easy to pick-up bouncer gameplay
Hilarious ragdoll characters
Eye-catching slow motion level finales
More than 100 levels plus bonus game modes
A dozen challenging Game Center achievements plus leaderboards
The list price for Tennis in the Face is USD 2.99.

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