Mobile games publisher, Thumbstar Games, is pleased to announce Fridge Words, a fantastically fun word game for all ages, is out today on the App Store!

The Ultimate in free-to-play, fun-filled, frenzied activity

Fridge Words promises to capture players with its simple premise; two players are given the same sets of fridge magnet letters and, using each letter only once, face off to make the biggest number of high scoring words within a timed period.

Fridge Words is also intuitive and easy to learn, but with time extensions, varying letter values, gold and silver bonus letters, and word length rewards, there is a great learning curve and a lot of fun to be had, all while building your word prowess during the experience!

Reaarange, Rotate and get Rewarded

Developed to fully utilise smartphone and tablet touchscreens, Fridge Words plays beautifully with simple hold and release mechanincs for letters . Lateral thinking also comes into play when you realise magnets can be manipulated! Need a ‘p’? Flip to a ‘d’!

Connecting with friends on Facebook, by username or just creating random games , winners not only will get to share their scores on Facebook for bragging rights but also on Apple’s Game Center, and find themselves rewarded with in-game coins, allowing for the purchase of some truly special items, bonuses and other surprises.

Words just got cool again.

Fridge Words - Thumbstar Games

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