Remode launch addictive Pictogram game D-Pixing with Private Eye Cartoonist Aidan Potts

New pictogram based game D-Pixing launches today on iPad and iPhone, inspired by ancient hieroglyphics. D-Pixing tests the player to translate recognisable images and is illustrated by renowned media cartoonist Aidan Potts, whose unique style has featured in Private Eye, The Times, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph. A set number of right solutions has to be secured before completing each of the three levels available, players gain points for each image correctly matched and lose time for an incorrect match.

The game is based on rebus puzzles, which go back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. They were popular during medieval times and were often used to carve names in churches. At St. Bartholomew church in Smithfield, London, for example, Prior Bolton is represented by a bolt (arrow) through a ton (barrel). A rebus craze hit England in Victorian times, with scores of puzzles published by newspapers and magazines as challenging entertainment, as Sudoku is today.

D-Pixing is a contemporary reinterpretation of the great tradition of rebuses. It is available on iPhone and iPad and suitable for the young and old. Images are mostly single syllable, such as “tap” represented by both an image of a tap dance and a water faucet. The game’s database contains a library of 450 hand drawn images and 5000 words for endless hours of fun. It is anticipated to be popular amongst children, teachers and parents as well as the intellectual gamer, who prefers problem solving and puzzle games. It is also applicable to students learning English as a second language. Watch out for a few unexpected twists, for example the inclusion of a common French word and to court controversy a word pronounced with a London Cockney accent – dropped H alert!

Illustrator Aidan Potts says, “The idea for the game came when I realized that technology will allow me to match hundreds of images to thousands of words, bringing a fresh, new life to the rebus tradition. Ella Romanos from Remode was recommended to me by TIGA, where she is a board member, and the game took shape from there. Remode immediately educated me in the finer points of game play, such as the need to reward players for correct combinations and reducing their time for incorrect ones and I don’t think there’s higher praise for their work.”

Ella Romanos, Remode CEO, says, “We were very excited when Aidan approached us. The idea of rebus puzzles is genius in its simplicity and something players can return to again and again, while his distinctive illustrator style gives the game a special feel.”

d-pixing! - Aidan Potts

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