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No monster is safe from your death-defying powers in Immortalis! Aeria Mobile, a subsidiary of leading free-to-play publisher Aeria Games, today announced the launch of Immortalis, its new fantasy Card Collecting Game (CCG) on iOS devices.

Players in Immortalis take the role of Soulbinders, gifted individuals with the ability to conjure monsters and bind them to their will. Tasked with stemming the tide of a catastrophic monster invasion, they will use this power to command over 650 unique monsters in battle—many of which are summoned forth from popular myths and legends of yore. The sprawling journey sends players to 70 different enchanted zones in the far reaches of this dark, majestic world.

In additional to a robust main story, Immortalis features several activities and options to keep the community engaged. Players can band together in guilds to tackle the game in cooperative play or challenge rival guilds to massive battles. Player vs. player (PvP) combat also rewards victors with new monsters and special items, as well as bragging rights for those who climb to the top of the worldwide leaderboards.

“Aeria Mobile is excited to bring Immortalis to the mobile market,” said Colin McKee, General Manager, Aeria Mobile. “We feel that the game’s immense variety of content and dark, highly detailed art style will have massive appeal with Western gamers.”

Exciting daily events are being held in-game during the first few weeks after launch, so players are encouraged to get started as soon as possible. Immortalis is available as a free download for iOS devices on the iTunes store.

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