“Panic Parrot” has been launched by Nurogames for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Nurogames, the publisher of app-hits like “The Expendables”, “Tiny Bee” and “Tiny Santa – Xmas Hills” released its newest app! Since today “Panic Parrot” is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play for free! The game contains lots of entertaining high-quality animations and features, including changeable Parrot outfits, looks and catchy lines.

In “Panic Parrot”, the player interacts with Paco, a baby Parrot who is discovering the jungle on its own. The player can play with him, change his looks, make him fly and, most importantly, put him in different funny situations. Whether this means shooting at him with a cannon or giving him some food, you are free to choose! Performing different actions allows us to collect experience points, which unlock further options as Paco reaches new levels. However, with every action our little parrot loses health points and can eventually become exhausted. To regain health, the player can let him rest for a while or pet him by stroking the screen of the phone.

The application is free to download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. To ensure more fun, additional functions can be either unlocked by reaching higher levels or bought using in-game credits.

• Panic Parrot listens to you and repeats whatever you say with a funny high-pitched voice
• Annoy him by poking him or stroke him to cheer him up
• If he feels fine, he’ll entertain you with funny animations, festive sounds and songs
• The longer you play the more experience-points you earn! Thereby you’ll be able to unlock further animations, sounds and songs!

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