After touring several galaxies and the iTunes store, Gisu the cute dancing alien has made his way to the Android Store.

Gameshastra recently released their first character based puzzle game, Rescube on the Google Play Store with minor changes which led to optimization of the build size and improved gameplay. The goal of the game remains fairly simple to let the stranded alien, Gisu collect all the broken parts of his ship so that he can fly away to his dream destination Hawaii. In between the spaceship parts and he are some cubes which can be moved in some specific directions only. The player has to just move these cubes so that they can help the alien gather all strewn parts of his ship.

Apart from the challenging format which tests the players’ ‘little grey cells’ the game gives them the option of finding out the minimum number of moves in which to clear the path and the player stands to earn up to 3 gold stars based on the number of moves he takes to clear a level. In addition to this there are 15 achievements to be unlocked, from completing levels to earning three stars in every level. This gives the player bragging rights amongst his peers and competitors via Game center, Facebook and Twitter. So it’s safe to put your clairvoyant skills to test and see whether you can think beyond the obvious for greater rewards and satisfaction.

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