There’s something strange in the neighborhood, and New York City has called YOU to get the ghosts out of The Big Apple. Build your own team of Ghostbusters from the ground up as you bust troublemaking spooks throughout the city. Form your own franchise in a local firehouse and answer ghostbusting calls, research and upgrade your equipment and conduct experiments to unlock better gear and tactics. Lead your elite squad of Ghostbusters through floor after floor of a haunted tower, where a malevolent evil deity has taken over, threatening to release negative psycho-kinetic energy into the streets of New York. Conquer each floor by battling the floor boss and capturing any resident ghosts. Spooks ‘n’ spirits best beware…it’s time to bust some ghostly behind!

Earn money and slime by capturing and collecting ghosts throughout New York City
Climb the tower, floor by floor, by breaching slime barriers and battling floor bosses
Conduct research to upgrade your equipment so you can bust even bigger, badder, ghosts
Hire new Ghostbusters, and run experiments to improve and expand your franchise
Experiment on ghosts in your containment unit to discover the secrets to beating them and to unlock new upgrades
Explore even more of the city by purchasing permits, completing ghost busting missions, or by spending Power Cores
It’s time to send these spooks back where they came from…or to their nearest convenient parallel dimension!

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