Yatzy Online Now Available on Amazon App Store, Producer Miracle Mill updates iOS and Android Apps as well

Yatzy Online, the classic dice game that united Facebook, iOS and Android users in a new cross-platform experience, today extended its presence to the Amazon App Store in an effort to make the game broadly available to the Kindle tablet range users, as well.

Producer Miracle Mill announced the arrival of the classic dice game to the Amazon App Store after its success at the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The game keeps the unique approach of allowing all Yatzy players to play head to head games online regardless which platform they use, providing real time gameplay in a simple and efficient interface.

The Yatzy Online app available on the Amazon App Store is completely free of charge to download and play, just like the apps available on iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and Facebook – players don’t need to pay any fees or subscriptions to enjoy online or offline gaming.

All Apps support multiple ongoing games, a feature that allows players to get a game started on one App and then pick it up on another one later. It also allows players to play several games simultaneously, and switch between games and devices quickly and easily.

Yatzy Online supports all the 3 major variations of the game: 5 dice International version, 5 dice Scandinavian version, as well as a 6 dice version. Players can choose which version they prefer by using a simple switch, and have full freedom to have many ongoing games in different variations of the game.

Miracle Mill has also unveiled the new apps for Android and iOS devices that introduce a new and simplified user interface for the classic dice game.

The redesigned interface offers a fresh, simple and more efficient game overview and greatly simplified game creation, while keeping the fluent gameplay that allows players to enjoy real time online games regardless which app or platform they use.

The new Apps improve the game flow by giving users a more natural and intuitive layout to the main screens, with special accent placed on the game creation interface that has been rebuilt to make the experience simple and efficient.

Additionally, the game is now available in French, German, Swedish and Finnish, making the game much more accessible to these cultures that have a longstanding tradition in playing the popular dice game.

For the beginner players, Yatzy is a social game that is played with five or six dice, between 2 to 4 players. Each player takes his turn and has 3 rolls at each go. At each turn, he can roll all the dice or keep as many dice as he likes from the previous rolls, in order to get the combination he wants. The one player that has the most points at the end of the game wins the game.

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