Qualityindex.com reveals the top 10 critically acclaimed iPad games and apps of December 2012

If you were wondering what the best reviewed iPad games and apps on the web last month were, here’s the iPad Quality Index (Qi) round-up for December to fill you in.

The iPad Quality Index boasts over 100,000 scores from the world’s best websites, such as 148Apps, Pocket Gamer, and AppSpy, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iPad title.

Here are December 2012’s top selections…

Quality Index Top 10 iPad games December 2012

1 Battle of the Bulge Shenandoah Studio 9.6
2 Interlocked Armor Games 9.6
3 The Lords of Midnight Chilli Hugger 9.5
4 Final Fantasy IV Square Enix 9.2
5 Stealth Checkers Dreamgames 9.1
6 Air Hippo G5 Entertainment 9.1
7 Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Atypical Games 9.0
8 Blastpoints Checkbox Studios 9.0
9 Minigore 2: Zombies Mountain Sheep 8.7
10 Santa Rockstar Clarin Global 8.7

Quality Index Top 10 iPad apps to December 2012

1 FitGirl App The Body Studio Corp 10
2 Dr Shrink GiveGifts.com 10
3 Smart Loan Calculator Pro iPad+ Praveena Rongala 10
4 BoothStache PiVi & Co 9.5
5 Hubbl SOL STUDIOS 9.3
6 HotelClub HotelClub 9.3
7 Who Stole the Moon? WindyPress 9.1
8 MyScript Calculator Vision Objects 9.0
9 Earth 101 for iPad 3Planesoft 9.0
10 Advent 2012: 25 Christmas Apps MagicSolver.com 9.0

(N.B. The monthly games chart is based on titles released and reviewed in the last month. The apps chart is based on titles reviewed over the last three months. Hence, this is not a cumulative chart and earlier released titles may have higher scores.)

2012 was a pretty special year for iPad games, and it ended on a suitably classy note. Topping the December iPad Qi game chart is the elegant historical war game Battle of the Bulge, which combines a turn-based simulation experience with the spirit of classic boardgames. Not far behind in fourth place, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy IV marks a sizeable step forward for the classic JRPG series. This 3D update to the 1991 classic marks the point at which Eastern role-playing games started dealing with darker themes and more complex characters. Returning to the war theme, Atypical Games zooms into the December mayhem with Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, one of the most detailed 3D iPad flight sims yet. Finally, at #9 in the chart, we have Minigore 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to the game that spawned a thousand twin-stick shooters. This one dials the monster-blasting action up to 11.

December was also a strong month for iPad applications, with FitGirl App taking the coveted #1 slot. It provides a series of exercise routines specifically formulated for women – perfect for helping you get in shape following an indulgent Christmas. If it’s a personality makeover you need, however, Dr Shrink provides a light-hearted way to analyse yourself and your friends. It might be a little late for Movember, but PiVi & Co’s BoothStache has clearly been turning heads in fourth position, allowing you to see what you’d look like with facial hair. Down in ninth place, meanwhile, Earth 101 provides a unique view of the world, with 3D representations of famous landmarks, interesting facts, and global weather reports.

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