Fatleg Games brings SUPER 4 to Mac OS

Fatleg are proud to announce the release of SUPER 4 for Mac OS. Super 4 is a strategy and puzzle game designed for intense and quick play sessions.
The rules are simple; outsmart your opponent to leave him with no moves or finish with the most pieces. Duplicate your pieces up, down, left or right, or jump one space diagonally. Landing next to your opponent’s piece will claim it.

Key features:

Up to 4 players
Play with friends or against the CPU
3 difficulty levels
18 boards options

Group 4 pieces together in a square formation to build a SUPER 4 – the ultimate power on the board. They can jump to any available spot and create a locked piece which has an even greater duplicating power. Using your Super 4’s at the right time is the key to winning.

Fatleg was founded by video game veteran Jonathan Dunn, better known over the years for his Commodore 64 and Spectrum compositions. Super 4 is Fatleg’s second release and recently received a 7/10 review from Pocket Gamer. To celebrate its arrival to MAC OS, SUPER 4 will be FREE in all stores until 31/3/14!

Super 4 trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js54pDbI_38
Super 4 title screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w5lkHwNUgY

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