ROTO: A Simple Circular Puzzle

How do you like the words minimalism and puzzle? Do you have a special place in your heart for puzzle-platformer games on touch devices? If you are still reading this, you’ve come to the right place.

What started out as an award-winning entry in Global Game Development Competion, is now complete & polished and is available on the Play Store for free!
Roto is a fresh take on the puzzle-platformer genre with its ultra simple gameplay accompanied by neat and minimal greyscale artstyle that will test your reflexes and will make you stick to it until you complete all the levels and meet all the balls.

ROTO is a minimalist puzzler with balls of different sizes. You play as the smallest one. The game offers a simple one tap control and using that, the player has to jump across different rotatory platforms, collecting stars and unlocking more levels as you go. Play over 50 levels, each with new and unfriendly balls offering new puzzle-platforming awesomeness and multiple solutions to each level. It’s a puzzle after all.
If that’s not enough for you, we’ve managed to grab Ubisoft’s Sound Designer Ashley Read to work on the sounds of the game. The guy has worked on popular games like Watch Dogs and The Crew. How did we convince him to work with us? That’s a different story.

Here are some of the features you’d love in the game:•A unique and simple one-tap gameplay which gets challenging over time (even your granny could play it but can’t complete it).
•A minimalist and clean artstyle adding to the simplicity as well as annoyance of the game.
•An uncommon rotatory puzzler-platformer gameplay.
•3 Level Packs with over 50 levels offering new and bigger balls. Over 100 more levels coming soon!
•A Free-to-play monetization model that focuses more on player’s ability to play than his ability to pay.


TITLE: ROTO: A Simple Circular Puzzle




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