Independent developer/publisher Spore Productions is proud to announce its first game app for smartphones and tablets. Spore Cubes™ is a deceptively simple casual puzzle game where players tap groups of the same color cubes in order to destroy them. Remaining cubes tumble down into the gaps and play continues like this until there are no moves left.

At first glance, Spore Cubes looks like just another in the genre of ball, cube, balloon, puppy, or “whatever” popping games, but there’s a different feel to Spore Cubes that makes it stand out. It starts off seemingly simple, but once you get down to three, two, maybe just one cube left, you realize there’s a bit more strategy required to win at this game. And unlike other similar games, the pace and feel of the gameplay here “just feels right” says Spore Productions’ Supreme Leader and creator of Spore Cubes.

He adds, “Other games in this genre just don’t get it right. They ruin it with power-ups, bombs, timers, and make infinite point accumulation the goal. Here, you are challenged to clear the entire board. If you leave even one cube left, too bad, it’s game over.” And when that happens, players can’t help but want one more go at it. It’s a little bit addictive.

The Free / Lite version features three difficulty levels to challenge players of every age and skill. The paid version offers two additional levels.

There is no flapping in this game.

Spore Cubes™ is available now in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. Free / Lite versions are available as well.

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