Sparklite (Original Game Soundtrack) by Dale North

Scarlet Moon Records has made available the Sparklite (Original Game Soundtrack) a full week ahead of the game’s release. The adventure-filled score by Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Nintendo MinuteThe Long Return) features a GameCube-style sound that listeners will immediately fall in love with. Prepare to get the nostalgia flowing across grasslands, deserts, poisonous bogs and hidden caverns over the course of nearly 40 minutes of breathtaking music.…

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X and Resident Evil 0 soundtracks on vinyl

Get ready for Full-Frontal Fear! Laced Records continues its partnership with CAPCOM in presenting Resident Evil™ soundtracks on audiophile-quality vinyl. Fans can now pre-order deluxe double LPs for Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X and Resident Evil 0, boasting remastered audio, and original artwork by Boris Moncel.

Nearly 20 years ago, the Capcom Sound Team, comprising composers Takeshi Miura, Hijiri Anze, and Sanae Kasahara for Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, updated the sound of tension and terror for the next generation, as the game introduced players to a fully 3D-rendered, gothic vision of the Resident Evil formula.…

Borderlands 3 (Original Soundtrack) on vinyl

The music vault has been cracked open… Laced Records, in partnership with Gearbox Software, proudly presents Borderlands 3 (Original Soundtrack) on vinyl; as well as all the Borderlands series soundtracks on major digital music platforms
There are two vinyl editions of the Borderlands 3 OST: fans can choose between the 17-track double LP package with two audiophiles’ heavyweight 180g discs (one Solid Red, the other Solid White) housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve; or the 34-track Special Edition boasting four 180g discs (in light blue, dark green, red, and purple) each with a spined sleeve, all housed in a rigid board outer slipcase.…

The Belmont Adventure: A Castlevania the Adventure & Belmont’s Revenge Tribute Album

SindraVania Projects announced the full distribution of The Belmont Adventure: A Castlevania the Adventure & Belmont’s Revenge Tribute Album. The album marks the 30th anniversary of Castlevania the Adventure on the Nintendo Gameboy in 1989, and celebrates the music of the games of Christopher Belmont; ancestor of Simon. This 12-track album features choice cuts from the soundtracks of the two games, remixed and arranged by a bevy of artists from the VGM community, including artists Viking Guitar, The Plasmas and Snappleman, as well as composers Alexander Brandon and Josh Barron and more.…

Chrono Trigger Soundtrack, ‘Epoch’ tribute album comprised of 60 tracks

Materia Collective presents EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger, a 60-track album celebrating Yasunori Mitsuda’s beloved SNES-era soundtrack. EPOCH features rock, jazz, ballads and more with highlights such as a beautiful acoustic guitar rendition of “Frog’s Theme,” an over-the-top Broadway-style musical reimagining of “The Trial,” an autotune pop vocal ballad of “Robo’s Theme,” an epic narrative retelling of Magus’s summoning of Lavos, and a lovely bossa nova version of the Millennial Fair among many other gems.

Sole (Original Game Soundtrack) by composer Nabeel Ansari is available

Materia Collective is thrilled to make available the Sole (Original Game Soundtrack) by composer Nabeel Ansari. Making his debut as a videogame composer, Ansari demonstrates exceptional growth and skill in the crafting of this mesmerizing orchestral journey which accompanies a surreal adventure centered on the mysteries of an ancient civilization using a clever darkness and light gameplay mechanic.

The Last of Us Remixed is Available

Materia Collective is pleased to present The Last of Us Remixed, a tribute led by composer Taylor Ambrosio Wood. The Last of Us Remixed is a short, narratively cohesive contemporary album of solo piano, beautiful string playing, eerie textures, dark synths and evocative lyrics that will immerse listeners in the world of The Last of Us and let them relive the story through sound.

The Long Return (Original Game Soundtrack) is available

Scarlet Moon Records released The Long Return (Original Game Soundtrack), a touching orchestral score by Dale North. Best known for his work on Wizard of Legend, Nintendo Minute, and the upcoming Sparklite, North has poured his heart and soul into this moving puzzle-adventure title where players explore a vibrant world as a young cub reliving the memories of its lost mother.

Metal Trainer, Pokémon Red and Blue Get Metal Tribute

Materia Collective has released Metal Trainer, a thrashin’ progressive rock and metal cover album featuring nine tracks from the original Pokémon Red and Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy. Arranged and performed by Ro Panuganti-best known for his game music remix performances on YouTube and past albums dedicated to Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-Metal Trainer captures the fierce battles, intriguing locales, and remarkable moments Pokémon’s heaviest journey yet.…