Parallelus, 20th anniversary tribute album to ‘Chrono Cross’

Materia Collective is thrilled to make available Paralellus, an incredible 20th anniversary tribute to Chrono Cross by arranger and orchestrator David Peacock. Featuring seven lush orchestral arrangements, Parallelus breathes new life into Yasunori Mitsuda’s timeless classic. Known for his arrangements and orchestrations on Hero of Time, Johto Legends, and the Undertale and Pokémon Red/Blue Piano Collections albums, Parallelus is one of his biggest undertakings to date with live strings, piano, woodwinds, banjo, and more. Many key moments from the game are included, such as jubilant town theme, “Another Termina,” a heart-wrenching piano solo version of “Prisoners of Fate,” a grand orchestral take on the originally electronic-infused “Chronopolis,” and a lovely acoustic performance of the final boss theme, “Dragon God.” Parallelus is licensed and available now wherever digital music is sold:
“I wanted to celebrate the music of Chrono Cross in a way that fans deserve, while also getting the opportunity to collaborate and feature some of my favorite musicians,” notes arranger David Peacock. “It was important to me that each musician got a chance to showcase their own personality, so there are many opportunities for improvisation throughout the album. The album is full of nods to the Chrono series and characters within that I think will be exciting for people to discover.”
The full track listing for Parallelus is as follows:
01. Dreamwatch of Time
02. Another Termina
03. Frozen Flame
04. Prisoner of Fate
05. Chronopolis
06. Dragon God
07. Life ~Faraway Promise
In addition to being released in digital formats, Parallelus will also receive limited edition CD and vinyl editions to begin shipping in 2020. These are now available for pre-order.

About David Peacock

David Peacock is a versatile musician with a wide range of tastes and skills. Growing up listening to film scores, he became interested in game soundtracks of the early 90’s such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, and began learning these compositions on the piano. Having an interest in connecting with other musicians, David has performed in and arranged for orchestras and ensembles throughout his early years into his studies at Berklee College of Music, and enjoys making music with people from all over the world.

He has collaborated with pianist Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, Austin Wintory, Gareth Coker, writer/director Jaclyn Gramigna, Materia Collective, Disasterpeace, cellist Tina Guo, Video Games Live, Videri String Quartet, and WDR Funkhausorchester among others.

Listen to David Peacock: