We never told you, AR action game, on mobile devices

A unique augmented reality game:
…because it’s not just some game with a camera view as background. ‘We never told you’ goes far beyond what any other AR-game does. You take a photo of a location and the game uses this photo to create a 3d game level. You can walk around in your photo (which is often heavily modified/extended) and fight various enemies. And you can bring your friends, too. Two simple photos suck your friends into the game (no, that doesn’t hurt), so they can fight along with you, cast magic and talk to you in dialogs on screen.

Perhaps you didn’t know about the monsters everywhere around you. Not everyone can see them. And… We never told you. But now you can see them and it’s time to fight back.

‘We never told you’ tells the story of a hitherto unknown part of your reality. A dangerous version of your daily environment which you need to explore to understand what your world really is. And (of course) save it from destruction.

Graphically the game massively relies on the photos that the user provides. All locations and all friends that fight along with the player are imported with the mobile camera. So the screenshot that you can see above, is NOT what YOU or your readers will see when playing the game.

The game heavily modifies the places you photograph and tears holes, adds buildings, ruins, car crashes, lava, huge fires and much more. And, of course, many monsters. Apart from slimes, zombies, flying eyes and worms, the player has to fight 5 boss monsters to save his reality.

Available on iOS and Android devices.