8BitMMO Releases Free Player vs Player Update

Archive Entertainment is excited to announce the immediate availability of the PvP update for 8BitMMO, available for free to all players. 8BitMMO is an indie construction sandbox game with over 50,000 registered players where users can build houses, castles, even entire cities in a retro-style massively multiplayer world.

A major update to the game was just released which enables Player vs Player gameplay, rewarding users for engaging in combat in specified arenas.…


Asiasoft Online reschedules Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta Test to 3rd Janunary 2013

Initially slated for commencement on 27th December 2012, the OBT was met with overwhelming response from players across the globe, resulting in severe congestion of the game servers and websites. After careful and deliberate consideration, Asiasoft has decided to reschedule OBT to 3rd January 2013 to ensure that all issues are resolved before the game proceeds any further and to prevent any further disappointment.…

Age of Games launches the New Official Website of Fantasy Kommander – Eukarion Wars.

Age of Games launches the New official website of Fantasy Kommander-Eukarion Wars.

Go to the New Official Website: www.fantasykommander.com

Short Description
Epic War, Hexagons, Turn-Based Strategy, Boardgame, Rpg, Miniatures, Dragons, Demons, Mystery, Heroes, Kaos, and Legendary Adventures… if you like these words you can’t miss Fantasy Kommander-Eukarion Wars!

The Game
Do you remember SSI (Strategic Simulation Inc.) and its great games?…

MapleStory Introduces Powerful Kaiser Character

Nexon America’s MapleStory has introduced the third installment of the four-part Tempest update, giving players an opportunity to create and play as the newly reborn Kaiser character. Kaiser is a strong Nova Warrior who is armed with a deadly two-handed sword and can call upon the power of ancient dragons.

The Black Mage has been sealed away by Luminous, but a new darkness threatens Maple World.…

Distant Worlds: Return of the Shakturi Gets an Update!

Matrix Games (www.matrixgames.com) and Code Force (www.codeforce.co.nz) are happy to announce the release of the v1.5.0.11 update for the space strategy game Distant Worlds: Return of the Shakturi, the first expansion in the award-winning Distant Worlds series.

The v1.5.0.11 update incorporates all the bug fixes and performance improvements from Distant Worlds: Legends, allowing for a better gameplay experience.…

Commander – The Great War Updated to v1.1.4

Slitherine (www.slitherine.com), Matrix Games (www.matrixgames.com), and The Lordz Games Studio (www.thelordzgamesstudio.com) We are excited to announce the release of the v1.1.4 update for the World War I grand strategy game Commander – The Great War.

The v1.1.4 update comes with a host of fixes, changes, and additions to give players a solid gameplay experience.…

Bounders and Cads

Today Wax Lyrical Games are pleased to announce its colourful turn-based strategy game Bounders and Cads for Windows PC and Mac desktop platforms. In Bounders and Cads, players of all ages can visit the peaceful English village of Brokeville to claim a fortune in inheritance. To succeed they must use their acumen to compete in business, deploy tricky strategies, and swindle their way out of trouble.…


Collectable Card Game dueling plus unit tactics strategy – has released an all-new expansion of 60 Cards.

This is a particularly special event for those of us at Apocoplay. A few months ago, the Alteil GMs joined up with a small group of talented programmers to start a new company (that would be Apocoplay) to take over the license of Alteil and save the game from extinction!…